Tips & Tricks

  • Trick Løbehjul: Din Ultimative Guide til At Komme Igang

    by Frederik Giese Trick Scooters: Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

    Introduction Trick scooters are more than just a means of transport - they are a tool for fun, action and creativity. These scooters are designed...

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  • Hvad koster et tricks løbehjul?

    by Frederik Giese How much does a trick scooter cost?

    Looking for a trick scooter but wondering how much it will cost you? Then you have come to the right place! Scootworld has a large...

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  • 5 rigtig gode trick løbehjul

    by Frederik Giese 5 really good trick scooters

    A good trick scooter is a trick scooter that is suitable for the needs and abilities of the rider and for the type of riding...

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  • Løbehjul Størrelsesguide

    by Frederik Giese Scooter Size guide: Find the perfect size for you

    A scooter size guide is a guide that helps to find the right size scooter for a given person. There are several factors to consider...

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  • begynder tricks på løbehjul

    by Frederik Giese 8 scooter tricks for beginners

    Tailwhip, barspin, manuals – it's a little different what you do when you want to challenge yourself beyond just rolling around on your scooter. We...

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  • Sådan bygger du dit eget trick løbehjul

    by Frederik Giese How to build your own trick scooter

    Are you so passionate about your hobby that you think it would be cool to have your very own unique scooter? We understand that! And...

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  • Park vs street trick løbehjul

    by Frederik Giese Trick scooters: Park vs Street

    Trick scootering is a popular extreme sport that involves performing stunts and tricks on a scooter. Both parks and streets (street) can be used to...

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  • Hvad er et trick løbehjul?

    by Frederik Giese What is a trick scooter?

    Trick scooters are a type of scooter designed to perform stunts and tricks. These scooters are typically made of light and durable materials such as...

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  • 4 forskellige typer af løbehjul

    by Frederik Giese 4 different types of scooters

    This is an overview of the different types of scooters you will find at ScootWorld, including large wheel scooters, trick scooters, 3-wheel scooters and trampoline...

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