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  • 0.2kg
    Striker Stealth ABEC-9 Kuglelejer -

    Striker Steatlh ABEC-9 Scooter Bearings - Striker

    5,95 € shipping
    Wednesday. 19. - Friday. 21. Juni

    Cool scooter bearings from Striker Scooter Parts!Pieces per pack:4Bearing precision:Not specifiedBearing type:SealedLubricant:Oil                                                                                                                   Bearing size:608Axle diameter:8mm


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  • 0.09kg
    ScootWorld ABEC-9 Kuglelejer -

    ScootWorld ABEC-9 Wheel Bearings - Black

    5,95 € shipping
    Wednesday. 19. - Friday. 21. Juni

    Smooth and steady wins the race! There's no worse feeling for a scooterist than having a broken ball bearing. Luckily, your friends at ScootWorld have you covered! Our ABEC 9 ball bearings for scooters are made from the highest quality materials to ensure a reliable, almost frictionless experience while scooting.Durable, strong, reliable - these ball bearings for scooters are built to last so you can ride with peace of mind for years to comeYou never know when a ball bearing will give out on you - our pack gives you the best bang for your buck and ensures you're always preparedIncrease performance and reduce friction - it'll feel like you're rolling on airWhether you're building a new ride from scratch or are looking to tune up your ol' faithful, this set of ball bearings is sure to deliver! Pick up a pack today and save yourself some headache!


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    Tilt Better Bearings Kuglelejer 4-pak

    Tilt Better Bearings Ball Bearings 4-pack -

    5,95 € shipping
    Friday. 21. - Tuesday. 25. Juni

    Tilt kommer med dette Better Bearings sæt til Pro Scooters. Et sæt af kuglelejer som forsøger at ende ABEC myten.Tilt ønsker at gå udenom rating gamet og blot give dig et sæt af kuglelejer helt uden nonsens, som giver et hurtigt rul og en kuglelejer, som ikke bliver crunchy gennem tiden. Kuglelejerne anvender også en konstruktion, som ikke vil lade skidt og fugt ødelægge din dag i skateparken.Better kuglelejerne kommer med et let grease, som vil give langvarig smøring. De inkluderede spacers er lavet af kromstål og vil derfor ikke komprimere under høje belastninger. Dette hjælper hjulene med at holde sig på plads ved at forhindre kuglelejerne i at blive brugt op. Antal per pakke:4Kugleleje præcision:Ikke specificeretLeje type:Semi-forsegletSmøremiddel:FedtstofKugleleje størrelse:608Gummi skjold:JaSpacers:InkluderetAksel diameter:8mm 


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  • 0.1kg
    District Kuglelejer - Lucky Torsion Stunt Scooter Wheel - Grey Lucky Torsion Stunt Scooter Wheel - Grey

    Lucky Torsion Stunt Scooter Wheel - Grey

    5,95 € shipping
    Out of stock

    District giver dig et kraftfuldt lille lejesæt, der vil give din scooter en friskere rulning. Det er hurtige og præcise ABEC9-lejer, og der medfølger 4 stk. og 2 afstandsstykker i kassen, hvilket er alt, hvad du har brug for til en scooter.Kugleleje typen er et lukket med aftagelige gummiskjolde, der giver dig to mulighed for at foretage lidt vedligeholdelse på dem for at forlænge deres levetid.Antal per pakke:4Kugleleje præcision:ABEC-9Leje type:LukketKugleleje størrelse:608Gummi skjold:JaSpacers:InkluderetAksel diameter:8mm


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Upgrade Your Stunt Scooter with Bearings for Stunt Scooters

Are you looking for the perfect way to optimize the performance of your stunt scooter ? Then you have come to the right place. At ScootWorld we have an impressive selection of ball bearings for stunt scooters that can take your riding experience to the next level.

New ball bearings can make a significant difference in how your trick scooter performs. Our collection includes top quality ball bearings from renowned brands such as Striker, ScootWorld and many more. Whether you are an experienced rider or just starting your trick scooter journey, these ball bearings will give you a number of benefits:

1. Agility and High Performance: Our range of ball bearings are designed to minimize friction and maximize freedom of movement. This translates directly to a smoother and faster driving experience. Whether you're performing complex tricks or just cruising the streets, the new ball bearings will optimize your performance.

2. Durability: Trick scooters are exposed to hard wear and hard impacts. Our ball bearings are designed with durability in mind. They are able to withstand the challenges that trick scooters can face and remain reliable over time.

3. Better Response: With the right ball bearings, your trick scooter will respond more precisely to your movements. This gives you better control and the ability to master even more advanced tricks.

4. Easy Installation: Replacing ball bearings is a relatively simple process that can be done at home with the right tools. This means you can quickly upgrade your scooter and experience the difference immediately.

Whether you compete at a high level or just enjoy riding around the neighborhood, our trick scooter ball bearings will give you an advantage. Browse our collection of ball bearings from top brands and find the perfect bearings to suit your style and preferences.

At ScootWorld, we are dedicated to offering high quality products that enhance your experience as a trick scooter rider. Upgrade your scooter today with our premium ball bearings and experience a riding experience that exceeds your expectations.

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